Archetypes & Strange Attractors: The Chaotic World of by John R. Van Eenwyk PDF

By John R. Van Eenwyk

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Booklet by way of Van Eenwyk, John R.

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G. Jung, p. 92. Page 25 the possibility of otherness that generates the alternatives that create the openings for choice. With the need for choice, of course, comes the need for consciousness. Consequently, the bipolarity of the archetypes leads not only to the emergence of consciousness, but to its development as well, for by creating an "otherness" pole in contradistinction to our conscious standpoint, archetypes create tensions between what is and what could be that command our attention. It's as if we had a bug in our ear constantly whispering, "On the other hand .

The interplay between conflict and resolution is one way in which the archetypes play a role not only in the dynamics of the psyche, but in the development of its structures as well. Like magnets whose fields are invisible until they take shape in a substance that reveals their character, archetypes arrange psychic energy into patterns through which their character becomes discernible. For example, consider the classic demonstration of a magnet's field. First, place the magnet on a table. All that is visible is the magnet itself.

What is surprising is the degree to which chaotic dynamics contribute to such changes. We do not generally realize that the orderly routines of consciousness can be the product of chaotic dynamics. But they can, and are. Jung had some insights into this. How can we use his insights to live together more agreeably? To understand Jung's theory of psychological development, or individuation, we must divide it into two concurrently operating processes. On the one hand are those that are cyclical, which we shall call the synchronic aspects of individuation.

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