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By James R. Munkres

A readable advent to the topic of calculus on arbitrary surfaces or manifolds. available to readers with wisdom of simple calculus and linear algebra. Sections comprise sequence of difficulties to enhance concepts.

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E. (solving for z as a function of Uo, Ul, U2) the complement of the hypersurface UOUI U2 = 1 inside C3 , and the superpotential is W = z = e-€(uoulU2 - 1), whose critical locus consists of the union of the three coordinate axes. AUROUX 30 Landau-Ginzburg model is indeed known to be a mirror to the pair of pants (cf. work of Abouzaid and Seidel; see also [38]). If instead we consider the blowup of C* x C 2 along {Xl +X2 = 1, Xl 1= O} (~ C*), then the superpotential becomes W = U2+Z = (e-Euoul +1)u2-e-E; hence W has a Morse-Bott singularity along M = {UOUI = -e E , U2 = O} ~ C*, which is mirror to C*.

Thus, before instanton corrections, niEI{zOi = I} is the (uncorrected) SYZ mirror SPECIAL LAGRANGIAN FIBRATIONS 45 to XI \ (Uj\lI DI,j). When t ---t 00 the discrepancy between Wi and Z8i and the differences in instanton corrections are expected to become negligible. Moreover, in the limit where LeX \ (U D i ) collapses onto a special Lagrangian A C XI \ (Uj\lI DI,j), for j r:f- I the dominant terms in Wj should correspond to families of holomorphic discs in (X, L) that converge to holomorphic discs in (XI, A) (intersecting DI,j).

More precisely, as b approaches the boundary of B, we expect L to collapse onto a special Lagrangian torus A in D, and the meridian discs to be approximated by small discs inside the fibers of the normal bundle of D lying above the points of A. Call 8 the relative homotopy class of the meridian discs, and by Z8 the corresponding holomorphic coordinate on M (which is also the contribution of the family of meridian discs to the superpotential). Then we expect that Z8 is the dominant term in the superpotential near the boundary of M, as the meridian discs have areas tending to zero and all the other holomorphic discs have comparatively much greater areas.

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