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Total? Total? Total? Recall Recall Recall Recall Recall Recall Recall Recall asked to remember triplets of words rather than triplets of letters. As before, concentrate entirely on the column you are working on and blank out the others with a piece of paper Essentials of human memory 28 or card. Once again you should read out the three words, cover them up, and go on to the arithmetic task. Then recall and write down the three words in the order in which they were presented. Move straight on to the next column and so forth until you have completed all eight columns.

Similarly, certain combinations of letters occur particularly frequently; there is a general tendency for vowels and consonants to alternate, and for certain letters to follow others. If I told you that the first letter in a word was a Q, it would not take great foresight to guess that the letter following would be a U. Such relationships are not limited to adjoining letters. If I tell you that the first two letters of a word are T and H, you would be more likely to guess E than U as the following letter, and more likely to choose either of these than another consonant such as S.

Although recall is typically requested after only a few seconds, this does not prevent the items being stored in long-term memory; indeed unpublished experiments of my own have shown that subjects, even when tested after a week, are able to recall many of the words presented in this type of experiment. FIG. 7. The less alike words sound, whether or not their meanings are similar, the more likely you are to remember them. (Baddeley, 1966) Short-term memory 39 Levels of processing Despite the fact that the Atkinson and Shiffrin model, or some variant of it, was extremely popular in the early 1970s, it was subsequently overshadowed by the levels of processing approach put forward by Fergus Craik and Robert Lockhart (1972) and discussed in more detail in Chapter 9.

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