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By Eric Flint, David Drake,

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In simple terms 3 issues stand among the Malwa and the conquest of Earth: Byzantium, the empire of Rome within the East; a crystal that urges mankind to struggle; and Belisarius, basic of the Byzantine Empire, and arguably the best commmander the Earth has ever identified.

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Sunicas’ regiment had a skirmish this morning with a group of Persians. About three hundred of them, ten miles north of here. After Sunicas drove them off, they found one fellow lying on the ground. Stunned. ” Belisarius took a seat at the large table in the middle of the tent. Bouzes and Coutzes remained standing. A few minutes later, Maurice reappeared, along with Valentinian. Valentinian was pushing a Persian soldier ahead of him. The Persian’s wrists were bound behind his back. By his dress and accouterments, Belisarius thought the Persian to be a midlevel officer.

Everyone knows Belisarius—and Sittas—are among Justinian’s favorite generals. And you, Antonina, are known to be a close friend of the Empress. ” He smiled. ” Michael spoke up. “I will also speak to the peasants. ” Cassian laughed gaily. “Small authority? ” Michael glared at him, but the bishop was not abashed. “That will do wonders, actually. In truth, Michael’s word will carry greater weight with Syrian common folk than anyone else’s. ” “That still does not solve the problem of keeping our work secret from the world at large,” said Antonina.

Antonina shook her head. Belisarius, still gazing absently at the floor, shrugged and said: “I know a bit about that distant land, from hearsay, but I have never even met—” He stopped in midsentence, gasping. His head snapped erect. “What am I saying? I know an enormous amount about India. From my vision! I spent thirty years in an unending struggle against India. Against the Malwa tyranny, I should say. ” His face grew pale. “God in Heaven. Anthony, you are right. We must conspire, and bury the conspiracy deep.

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