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By Bruno Latour

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In this new publication, Bruno Latour deals solutions to questions raised in We Have by no means Been glossy, a paintings that interrogated the connections among nature and tradition. If now not sleek, he requested, what have we been, and what values should still we inherit? over the last twenty-five years, Latour has built a learn protocol diverse from the actor-network concept with which his identify is now associated--a examine protocol that follows the different sorts of connectors that supply particular fact stipulations. those are the connectors that advised a weather scientist challenged through a captain of to entice the institution of technology, with its military of researchers and mountains of knowledge, instead of to ''capital-S Science'' as a better authority. Such modes of extension--or modes of life, Latour argues here--account for the numerous modifications among legislations, technology, politics, and different domain names of knowledge.

even though medical wisdom corresponds to just one of many many attainable modes of lifestyles Latour describes, an unrealistic imaginative and prescient of technological know-how has turn into the arbiter of fact and fact, seducing us into judging all values by means of a unmarried usual. Latour implores us to get well different modes of lifestyles as a way to do justice to the plurality of fact stipulations that Moderns have came upon all through their heritage. This systematic attempt of establishing a brand new philosophical anthropology provides a very diverse view of what Moderns were, and offers a brand new foundation for establishing diplomatic encounters with different societies at a time whilst all societies are dealing with ecological crisis.

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To borrow the remarkable expression used in chancelleries, it is a matter of making “diplomatic representations” in order to renegotiate the new frontiers of self and other. But if there is to be diplomacy there have to be diplomats, that is, people capable—unlike those who dispatch them—of discovering, finally, what their principals really cherish—at the price of some sacrifices that they learn to detect during often interminable negotiations. A delicate exploration that has to proceed by feeling one’s way in the dark, efforts that accusations of treachery must not interrupt and that will occupy a privileged place in this inquiry.

Introduction· Trusting Institutions Again? A shocking question addressed to a Which leads us to define an imaginary climatologist → that obliges us to distin- diplomatic scene: → in the name of whom to guish values from the accounts practi- negotiate → and with whom to negotiate? tioners give of them. The inquiry at first resembles the one Between modernizing and ecolo- gizing, we have to choose → by proposing a involving speech acts → while we learn to identify different modes of existence. different system of coordinates.

In any case, I have no choice: the Moderns are the people of Ideas; their dialect is philosophy. We shall have to concentrate first of all on their curious regional ontology if we want to have the slightest chance of confronting the “others”—the former others—and Gaia—the truly other Other. The goal is, first, to At all events, we shall not cure the Moderns accompany a people of their attachment to their cherished theme, the vacillating between modernization front, if we do not offer them an alter- economy and ecology.

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