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By Dr Maartje Abbenhuis

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An Age of Neutrals presents a pioneering heritage of neutrality in Europe and the broader international among the Congress of Vienna and the outbreak of the 1st international struggle. The 'long' 19th century (1815-1914) used to be an period of unheard of industrialization, imperialism and globalization; one that witnessed Europe's fiscal and political hegemony internationally. Dr Maartje Abbenhuis explores the ways that neutrality bolstered those interconnected advancements. She argues passive notion of neutrality has to date avoided historians from figuring out the excessive regard with which neutrality, as a device of international relations and statecraft and as a well-liked perfect with various purposes, was once held. This compelling new heritage exposes neutrality as a colourful and crucial a part of the nineteenth-century overseas process; a strong device utilized by nice and small powers to resolve disputes, stabilize diplomacy and advertise various pursuits inside of and outdoors the continent.

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If anything, the Napoleonic Wars had shown that general war was costly and dangerous for princes and their empires. At one level, then, the Congress of Vienna was a deeply conservative enterprise that looked to prevent or quell revolutionary developments within states. It also hoped to prevent the rise of another Napoleon. Yet, at another level, the Congress was not a restorative exercise at all. It aimed to avoid the pitfalls of eighteenth-century power politics and, in so doing, replace them with the expectation that the great powers would act in concert to resolve international crises.

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45 However, negotiations to replace the Jay Treaty failed in 1805 and 1806, which was one of the contributing factors in the United States decision to go to war with Britain in 1812. Similarly, neutral Denmark faced protracted diplomatic negotiations with Britain after 1799 over British demands for Denmark to end its 43 44 45 For an account of the economic consequences of the Napoleonic Wars on the European ports: Crouzet, ‘Wars, blockade’, pp. 567–88. C. Savage, Policy of the United States toward maritime commerce in war.

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