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By Ryan T Kelly

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PHF/8/15/1 Dixit, S. , Eid, A. & Faris, G. W. (2010). Light-driven formation and rupture of droplet bilayers, Langmuir 26: 6193–6200. , Arduini, S. & Braun, D. (2004). Thermophoresis of DNA determined by microfluidic fluorescence, Eur. Phys. J. E 15: 277–286. 1140/epje/i2004-10073-5 Duhr, S. & Braun, D. (2006a). Optothermal molecule trapping by opposing fluid flow with thermophoretic drift, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97: 038103. 038103 Duhr, S. & Braun, D. (2006b). Why molecules move along a temperature gradient, Proc.

Since the width of focused stream is much bigger, the effect of diffusion on the accuracy of measurements is negligible. However, in the literature there are examples of researches carried out with the use of quantum dots of size 20 nm, which much enhance the process of diffusion and do not allow us to abandon its effect on the shape of focused stream. Hydrodynamic focusing of a liquid stream provides an opportunity to control the position of focused stream in the outlet channel. This technique used to illustrate velocity fields, enables mapping of the velocity field in subsequent channel cross sections (at different positions of the stream in the outflow channel), and consequently allows velocity to be measured in the entire liquid volume.

5 mPas. Results of exemplary measurements are given in Fig. 17 and 18. 5 mPa·s 1 mPa·s Fig. 17. The effect of liquid viscosity dimensionless pushing away of the focused stream from the channel axis for different values of the ratio of focusing streams Based on the investigations it can be claimed that in the used range of measurements the effect of media properties on the character of a hydrodynamic phenomenon of stream focusing in the microchannel is negligibly small. 44 Advances in Microfluidics = 73 mN/m = 31 mN/m Fig.

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