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By Kar Ping Shum, Zhe-Xian Wan, Jiping Zhang

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On Normalized desk Algebras Generated through a devoted Non-Real component to measure three (Z Arad & G Chen); Graph Semigroups (V Dlab & T Pospichal); Moor-Penrose Generalized Inverses of Matrices Over department earrings (Z-X Wan); M-Solid Pseudovarieties and Galois Connections (K Denecke & B Pibaljommee); Indecomposable Decompositions of CS-Modules (J L Gomez Pardo & P A Guil Asensio); Hereditary jewelry, QF2 earrings and earrings of Finite illustration variety (C R Hajarnavis); stable Burst mistakes Detecting Cyclic Codes (S Jain); at the Homology Bifunctors Over Semimodules (X T Nguyen); a few difficulties and Conjectures in Modular Representations (J-P Zhang); and different papers

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This embedding property is closely related to the weak normality introduced by Muller in:17 a subgroup H of a group G is weakly normal in G when from Hg 5 N G ( H )it follows that g E N G ( H ) . It is clear that every ‘H-subgroup of G is weakly normal, but there exist weakly normal subgroups that are not ‘H-subgroups. If H is a weakly normal subgroup of a group G and H is a normal subgroup of a subgroup K of G, then N G ( K )5 N G ( H ) . This fact is the key for the proof of the main theorem in l6 and is an embedding property introduced by Mysovskikh in:18 A subgroup H of G is said to satisfy the subnormalaser condition in G when for every subgroup K of G such that H K it follows that N G ( K )I N G ( H ) .

For n = 6 see Lindsey [16]. For n = 7 see Wales [17]. The purpose of this article is to describe the current situation of our research about classification of normalized integral table algebras (abbrev. as NITA) ( A , B ) generated by a faithful non-real element of degree 3 and without nonidentity irreducible elements of degree 1 or 2. In [20], we state the following Proposition. Proposition H, Let (A, B) be a NITA generated by a non-real element B of degree 3 and without non-identity basis elements of degree 1 or 2.

2,) is solvable in S. Semigroups satisfying the framed regularity conditions in Figure 2 were studied by S. Lajos and G. Sz&z in [Ill from ideal-theoretical point of view. The purpose of this paper is to describe the structure and give some new ideal-theoretical characterizations of these semigroups. 2. Preliminaries A semigroup S is called n-regular if for every a E S there exists n E N such that an is a regular element. In the same way, using other names given in Figure 2, we define left, right, completely and intra-7r-reproduced semigroups, left, right, completely and intra-quasi-r-regular semigroups, and left, right, completely and intra-n-regular semigroups.

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Advances in algebra : proceedings of the ICM Satellite Conference in Algebra and Related Topics by Kar Ping Shum, Zhe-Xian Wan, Jiping Zhang

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