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By Gerd Gigerenzer

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From what i have learn of the booklet up to now, it's good written and informative. i'm giving this e-book one megastar basically as a result of authors' determination to cost the Kindle model of this publication at $27.04. disgrace on you. the complete inspiration of Kindle is that the author's expenses are virtually eradicated, and that this rate reductions is shared with the client. $27.04 is simply simple grasping. this can be one consumer you won't be making the most of. i'll end analyzing the publication on the library or ebook shop.

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And it suggests that the important research questions to be investigated are How are different meanings of probability cued in everyday language? , rather than How can the alleged bias of overconfidence be explained by some general deficits in memory, cognition, or personality? The same conceptual distinction can help to explain other kinds of judgments under uncertainty. For instance, Tversky and Kahneman (1982a, 1983) used a personality sketch of a character named Linda that suggested she was a feminist.

Rather, these innovations in theory can be accounted for by the tools-totheories heuristic. So can conceptual problems and possibilities in current theories. Scientists' tools are not neutral. In the present case, the mind has been re-created in their image. 25 2 Mind as Computer The Social Origin of a Metaphor Have philosophers of science spent too little time inside the laboratories to be drawn in by the glamour of technology? Tools, after all, fascinate scientists. New tools can directly, rather than through new data, inspire new theories.

The analogy of the computer as a mind was reversed again after the cognitive revolution, as McCorduck (1979) pointed out, when Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) psychologists tried to teach children with the very methods that had worked for computers. MIND AS COMPUTER Turing anticipated much of the new conceptual language and even the very problems Allen Newell and Herbert Simon later attempted to address, as we see in the second part of this chapter. With amazing prophecy, Turing suggested that many intellectual issues can be translated into the form "Find a number n such that.

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