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By Paulo Sergio Ramirez DINIZ (auth.)

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Therefore, for Hermitian matrices with repeated eigenvalues it is always possible to find a complete set of ort ho normal eigenvectors. 63) i=O that is known as spectral decomposition. 64) In addition, since qi = AiR-1qi, the eigenvectors of a matrix and of its inverse coincide, whereas the eigenvalues are reciprocals of each other. 66) 6. The sum of the eigenvalues of R is equal to the trace of R, and the product of the eigenvalues of R is equal to the determinant of R. Proof: tr[Q-1RQ] = tr[A] where, tr[A] = 2:[:0 aii· Since tr[A' A] = tr[AA'], we have N tr[Q-l RQ] = tr[RQQ-l] = tr[RI] = tr[R] = LAi i=O Also det[Q-l RQJ = det[RJ det[QJ det[Q-l] = det[R] = det[A] = n[:o Ai D 34 CHAPTER 2 7.

As an illustration, suppose a white noise is applied as input to a lowpass filter with impulse response h(k) and sharp cutoff at a given frequency Wl. The autocorrelation function ofthe output signal y(k) will not be a single impulse, it will be h(k) * h( -k). Therefore, the signal y(k) will look like a band-limited random signal, in this case, a slow-varying noise. Some properties of the function R x (e iw ) of a discrete-time and stationary stochastic process are worth mentioning. The power spectrum density is a periodic function of w, with period 271", as can be verified from its definition.

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