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By Sara Warner

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Acts of Gaiety explores the mirthful modes of political functionality by means of LGBT artists, activists, and collectives that experience encouraged and sustained lethal critical struggles for innovative switch. The publication explores antics comparable to camp, kitsch, drag, guerrilla theater, zap activities, rallies, manifestos, pageants, and parades along extra primary varieties of "legitimate theater." opposed to queer theory's long-suffering romance with mourning and melancholia and a countrywide schedule that urges homosexuals to give up excitement in the event that they are looking to be taken heavily through mainstream society, Acts of Gaiety seeks to reanimate notions of "gaiety" as a political price for LGBT activism.

The e-book mines the files of lesbian-feminist activism of the 1960s-70s, highlighting the outrageous gaiety that lay on the heart of the social and theatrical performances of the period and uncovering unique records lengthy considered misplaced. Juxtaposing old figures akin to Valerie Solanas and Jill Johnston with newer performers and activists (including Hothead Paisan, complain & Animal, and the 5 Lesbian Brothers), Warner indicates how reclaiming this mostly discarded and disavowed prior elucidates probabilities for being and belonging. Acts of Gaiety explores the collectively informing histories of gayness as politics and as joie de vivre, in addition to the centrality of liveliness to queer functionality and protest.

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60 At the same time, however, an increasingly vocal contingent of artists and activists, spearheaded by folks like Andrew Sullivan, a writer for and later editor of the New Republic, and ACT-­UP cofounder Larry Kramer, fueled the sex panic by arguing that homosexuals were (or should be) more invested in monogamy than in having casual intercourse. Sullivan’s Virtually Normal called for the legal recognition and social normalization of gays and lesbians, particularly through marriage. 62 This is perhaps best evidenced by the fact that two recent award-­winning revivals of The Normal Heart, one off-­Broadway (at the Public Theater in 2004) and one on Broadway (at the Golden Theater in 2011) did little to foment political outrage about the persistence of AIDS or its transformation into a global phenomenon but succeeded in generating considerable amounts of money and support for same-­sex marriage referendums.

Did not find it gay living in the same place where she had always been living. She went to a place where some were cultivating something, voices and other things needing cultivating. She met Georgine Skeene who was cultivating her voice which some thought was quite a pleasant one.  . They were quite gay, they were quite regular, they were learning little things, gay little things, they were gay inside them the same amount they had been gay, they were gay the same length of time they had been gay every day.

Groups such as WITCH, Dyketactics, the Furies, GLF, Third World Gay Liberation, and Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) sought to create a new world order that would bring about the affective, economic, and political liberation of all people. Much of what transpired during this volatile time was ephemeral and/or Introduction 5 undocumented, often by choice as the recording, preserving, and marketing of movement activities was seen by many political radicals as bourgeois. Most countercultural groups not only lacked the resources to archive their doings, but they feared, with good reason, that they were being surveilled by the government.

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