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By Myles Brand, Douglas Walton

ISBN-10: 9027711887

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ISBN-10: 9401090742

ISBN-13: 9789401090742

Lawsuits of the Winnipeg convention on Human motion, held at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Sep 11 might 1975

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Neither, of course, is true of ordinary mortals. 25. I shall momentarily adopt a convention, which I shall not attempt to justify here,9 according to which the content of a state of belief is represented by dot-quoting the sentence in our language which would be the appropriate expression of that belief. We can think of the dot-quoted expressions as standing for propositions. Thus "2 + 2 = 4" stands for the proposition that 2 + 2 = 4. Suppose that Jones believes that he himself is VOLITIONS RE-AFFIRMED 53 wise.

The importance of socialized or convention-generated action is more fully recognized by Goldman, who, in his Theory of Human Action, has basic actions raised to higher levels by conventional as well as causal generation. But the level-generation apparatus is not applied to mental acts, which, like Danto's 'gestures', are mentioned only to be put aside. Goldman treats cases where some overt action, like hiding or fishing, is given its distinctive feature by the wish, belief or aim of the agent, as cases of 'simple' generation, and he emphasizes that wanting and believing are not mental acts.

Consequently, volitions are not tryings, for trying to do A is acting in a way which one hopes will eventuate in a doing of A. ) 8. Although volitions are acts, they should not be thought of as instantaneous. Here, again, we can draw on Aristotle, who distinguished between a continuing act and a change. One could sense-red for a minute (or contemplate an essence), without the sensing (or contemplation) being a process of change, even though it is accompanied, perhaps necessarily, by change. How long do volitions last?

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Action Theory: Proceedings of the Winnipeg Conference on Human Action, Held at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 9–11 May 1975 by Myles Brand, Douglas Walton

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