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By Charles, K J

A primary publication of the Society of gents sequence, a Regency m/m romance trilogy that includes radical politics, severe waistcoats, kink, conspiracy, category divide, occasional homicide and loads of gin. during this, younger radical Harry Vane is whisked out of poverty to be became a gentleman, with the reluctant reduction of dandy Julius Norreys. yet issues don’t move totally to plan...

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You move well. He repeated the cool praise to himself with a quiver of satisfaction. They had been at Arrandene for a little over three weeks now, just the two of them. Lord—no, he must say cousin—Richard would be visiting in a little more than a fortnight’s time, to see how Harry was coming along. The thought made him feel sick. He was, if not confident, becoming comfortable with Julius; he wasn’t ready for anyone else. Comfortable with Julius. It still seemed a profoundly unlikely thought. Less than a month ago the idea of being closeted with the terrifyingly perfect, ice-cold Mr.

Norreys reminded him. ” He held out his hand and Harry took it. His grip was cool and light, sliding over Harry’s skin like the faintest caress, making the hairs on the back of his hand prickle. “I shall take you to Mr. ” Cool and assessing, Mr. —sparking in their depths. ” — “Titus,” said Mr. Norreys. Lord Richard frowned. ” Lord Richard exhaled. He had begun to betray a certain annoyance—hardly surprising; in Harry’s world, he would have punched Mr. Norreys by now. Mr. Norreys remained glacial, and the third man in the room, Cyprian, was entirely unreadable.

That had been preying on his mind since the lawyer had first come. Evidently it had occurred to Silas too because he was shaking his head as Harry spoke. “They’d send bluecoats or red for you then. No, that’s not it. ” He considered Harry for a moment then made a face, dismissing the possibility in a rather unflattering manner. ” Harry threw his hands up helplessly. “None in the world. For all I know there is something to my advantage out there. ” George cackled. “Aye, that’s it. ” That came straight from their last pamphlet on the royal family.

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