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This quantity is meant as a self-contained creation to the fundamental notions of geometric workforce conception, the most principles being illustrated with numerous examples and routines. One objective is to set up the principles of the idea of hyperbolic teams. there's a short dialogue of classical hyperbolic geometry, on the way to motivating and illustrating this.

The notes are in accordance with a direction given by means of the writer on the Tokyo Institute of know-how, meant for fourth 12 months undergraduates and graduate scholars, and will shape the root of the same path in other places. Many references to extra subtle fabric are given, and the paintings concludes with a dialogue of varied components of contemporary and present research.

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On an other side, the polynomial g(x) divides both f(x) and xn — 1, and then divides their greatest common divisor h(x). The polynomial h(x) is a characteristic polynomial for £/, since it is a multiple of g(x), and is an element of GF(p)[x], since it is the greatest common divisor of two polynomial in GF(p)[x]. From Lemma 4, this polynomial h(x) is in fact / ( # ) , that implies f(x) is a divisor of xn — 1 and its order is n. The polynomial f(x) is the product of minimal polynomials of some elements of GF(pm) over the prime field GF(p), that is f(x) = flLi Mai, where Mai ^ Maj for i ^ j .

3. If L/K is a finite separable extension of function fields then HK divides hi,. Proof. Let XL be the smooth curve having L for its function field. Then, we have a finite morphism / : XL —• XK defined over Fq between these AUBRY: Class number in totally imaginary extensions 27 two curves. Let /* : JK —> JL be the map induced by / on the Jacobians of XK and XL> Then /* has finite kernel and sends the ^n-torsion points of JK on the ^n-torsion points of JL. We deduce from this an injective morphism Qt ®z« WK) ^ Qe ®ze Tt(JL), since the tensor product kills the kernel of /*.

Let 7 be an element of Gal(K). There exists a j such that for all k & K, 7(fc) = kp\ To each element 7 G Gal{K), we can associate an element (denoted also as 7) denned by 7(0) = gp\ for all g G G. Notice that both Gal(K) and Gal(G) are generated Lemma 1 If C is an affine-invariant code, then (i) (157,7) is in sAut(C), for all 7 G Ga/(/i r ) (ii) £ divides r, (1;1,7P<) G $Atrf(C) and i/(l;l,7 P *) G divides t. 38 BERGER: Automorphism groups and permutation groups Proof It is sufficient to prove (i) for 7 = 7P.

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