Youssef M. Choueiri's A Companion to the History of the Middle East PDF

By Youssef M. Choueiri

ISBN-10: 1405106816

ISBN-13: 9781405106818

Справочник «История Ближнего Востока» предлагает свежий взгляд на многогранную и многослойную историю этого региона, к которому отнесены Иран, Турция, Израиль и Арабский мир.
В его составе – 26 очерков международного коллектива ученых, акцентированных, в основном, на новом и новейшем периоде. В очерках уделено внимание религиозной, социальной, культурной, экономической, политической и военной истории. Затронуты также текущие проблемы, такие как - нефтяной вопрос , урбанизация, роль женщин и права человека.Образцы сканов:

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Academic Reinterpretations Since academic scholarship on Islam became firmly established during the second half of the nineteenth century, as a result of the work of scholars such as Ignaz Goldziher and Theodore No¨ldeke, a number of different approaches and ideas, some more influential than others, have emerged. It is not possible here to do justice to all of them. Scholars, naturally, debate and dispute with one another and it would be misleading to suggest that there is one, dominant or even widely accepted understanding of the rise of Islam among them.

33 Hawting, Idolatry.

He left behind no descendant, and his followers taught that the line of Imams descended from œ Alı¯ had come to an end. The last Imam will be absent in occultation until his return just before the end of the world when he will come back as the Mahdı¯ and establish justice and righteousness in the world in preparation for the Last Day. The idea of the messianic return of an Imam had been an ingredient of Islamic thought from a very early period, but the significant feature of it that emerged now was that his return was not to be expected imminently but at some remote time in the future.

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