A Companion to International History 1900–2001 - download pdf or read online

By Gordon Martel

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Precious compilation of essays overlaying the foremost occasions of the twentieth century. status out from this total outstanding physique of labor are the contributions at the undertones and motives of WW I (Martel's distinctiveness) and 3 chapters on often-overlooked advancements resulting in WW II.

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34 During these years (1963–8) the US became heavily involved in fighting the Vietnamese communists. ”35 The US sought to make pro-West South Vietnam sufficiently strong to resist Ho Chi Minh’s North, but this goal proved to be hard work and eventually became untenable. A BIPOLAR WORLD While the Americans became trapped in the jungles of Southeast Asia, the Europeans saw an opportunity for détente in Europe. Nobody by then believed in the likelihood of Soviet military aggression. 36 By contrast western Europe had, in 1957, successfully created the European Economic Community (EEC), backed by a degree of stability on the basis of the division of Germany.

This situation was further complicated by the growing anti-nuclear movements in the major capitals in western Europe. ”42 However, the superpower negotiations over the European missiles or the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces in Europe (INF) had stalemated and NATO decided to go ahead with the deployment of new American missiles, which began to arrive in Europe in December 1983. 43 Thus the picture presented here suggests that the Cold War had once again become the fulcrum of deepening East–West mistrust and anxieties.

David Carlton, Churchill and the Soviet Union (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2000). An intriguing study of Churchill’s changing attitudes toward the Soviet Union. Robert Dallek, Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy (New York: Oxford University Press, 1979). A solid broad survey of Franklin Roosevelt’s foreign policies. Lloyd C. Gardner, Spheres of Influence: The Great Powers Partition Europe from Munich to Yalta (Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 1993). A succinct, focused look at the Grand Alliance and wartime diplomacy related to peacemaking.

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