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By Hala Fattah, Frank Caso

ISBN-10: 0816057672

ISBN-13: 9780816057672

A finished consultant to greater than 6,000 years of background in Iraq. protecting themes starting from the traditional Mesopotamian civilizations to the autumn of Saddam Hussein and the conflict in Iraq, it examines the altering panorama of this nation. It specializes in the societies, peoples, and cultures of Iraq.

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Temples usually were built in the center of the city and were distinguished by intricate decorations and an altar. The priests of certain temples were responsible for managing the temple’s properties (such as granaries and workshops) and the ceremonial contributions of food and beverages to the shrine. J. N. Postgate makes the point that while temples may have played the part of economic institutions, they were, first and foremost, markers of communal identity. The “social conscience” of the priestly class turned the temple into a sanctuary for the poor and homeless, while the temple’s storage of wealth functioned as “inviolable capital” that could ransom villagers from bondage or “buy” unwanted children and afford them priestly protection (Postgate 1992, 135–136).

One, “the Ur III state was indeed of a different character than its predecessors [ancient Sumer]: geographically more restricted in size, but internally more centrally organized” (Van de Mieroop 2004, 73). Two, it consisted of the core territories of Sumer and Akkad, with a military zone between the Tigris River and Zagros Mountains. The state was divided into 20 provinces, ruled by civilian governors (ensis) on behalf of the king. Usually from the highest families of the land, the ensis formed a hereditary caste; property was inherited from the father and passed on to the sons.

E. Darius was killed during the ensuing battle, most likely by his captors. This worked to Alexander’s advantage as he was able not only to give Darius a state funeral but to legitimately—from his perspective—claim the crown. For the next six years, Alexander continued his eastward campaign, reaching as far as the Indus River. , refused to continue making war. Far away from their homeland and exhausted by more than 10 years of conquest and putting down revolts among already conquered peoples, the Macedonians 38 FROM THE PERSIAN EMPIRE TO THE SASSANIANS revolted against Alexander, essentially forcing him to turn back.

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